Specific sport screening and development

  • Training for a marathon or other event?
  • Taking up a new sport?
  • Thinking of getting fitter?

Physiotherapists can identify areas of musculoskeletal weakness that may cause problems or injury when you start exercising.

We offer a biomechanical assessment (Joint range and strength of motion, muscle balance, core stability) to screen you for any vulnerability toward injury in your chosen sport or exercise.

Following assessment, you will be prescribed simple but tailored exercises, stretches and advice to minimise your injury risk and maximise participation.

The physical competence screen can be developed and tailored to your activity and how seriously you take your activity. This embraces the casual jogger wanting to loose a little weight and get fit, to the for example competitive triathlete or serious golfer (check out but can be tailored to ALL sporting activities

The Basic screen involves physical tests of truck integrity, flexibility, and correct(hopefully) functional movements which will indicate where you are, a benchmark on the day of your physical, for want of a better word, prowess or a better description “fundamental yet desirable physical literacy or competency in order to engage in any sporting activities”

It is very likely you will have good elements and not so good, the idea is to maintain and or improve the elements your good at and target the elements you`re not so good at.

The assessment takes a good hour and a half is as objective as possible from quantifiable references and you will be given graph illustrations of your “competency” and a written report indicating the important issues and what to do about it. You then go away usually totally shocked and depressed because you’re not as “fit” (not in the CV sense) as you thought you were..get on with addressing the issues indicated with follow up with me as and if needed …get re-tested at a mutually agreeable time probably four to six months later maybe sooner, depends how you’re going, you could have an occasional quick check on the isolated important elements to see if they are improving. It doesn’t have to be the whole assessment.

Get fit to play sport to get fit!