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Conditions We Treat

Low Back Pain

We offer a comprehensive approach to all aspects of Low Back Pain.

We provide hands on treatment and management of acute back pain, including sciatica to the annoying chronic dull achy back that we all get from time to time especially following gardening or DIY.

Our treatment philosophy is to enable you, through explanation, education and understanding, to take an active role in the treatment and management of your problem as soon as reasonably possible.

The practice also offers accredited Modified Pilates instruction either by one-to-one private consultation or small class instruction (10 to a class).

Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a consequence of our stressful and hectic day-to-day lives or our loss of good posture due to sitting in front of a workstation all day.

We can assess, treat and advise according to your symptoms.

It may be a simple stress relieving neck, shoulder and back massage that is needed, with gentle mobilisation and stretching of your spinal joints and muscles.

Easy to perform exercises may be given to help strengthen your neck in the same way that Modified Pilates exercises help strengthen the trunk and lower spine.

Pre and Post Operative Physiotherapy

Maximise your potential before and after surgery.

The GetPhysio practice offers more than 20 years’ experience of pre and post-operative treatment and rehabilitation for the following:

  • Simple to complex knee reconstruction surgery and replacement
  • Hip replacement and resurfacing
  • Shoulder decompression and repair
  • Ankle repair
  • And many more

Arthritic Conditions

The GetPhysio practice can provide treatment and help for arthritic conditions of the spine, upper and lower limbs such as OA Hip, knee or ankle. Advice and the prescription of simple exercises can help your symptoms and pain and improve your quality of life.

If you know you are going to have joint replacement hip / knee surgery in the future it is most helpful to bring your muscles into the best shape possible before this event by doing the right sort of exercise. You can do this by arranging an appointment with this clinic.

Please call for further details.

Sports Injury

The GetPhysio practice offers a speedy and highly experienced resource for the treatment, management and rehabilitation of all sports injuries.

Acute injury
Getting the right advice and treatment of injuries is the way forward.

Early treatment of many acute injuries is advisable such as Ankle sprains, muscle tears, joint injuries to enable return to your activity in the shortest but most sensible time possible, minimising complication or reoccurrence.

Chronic injury
Annoying persistent injury and pain can be a result of faulty biomechanics or poor technique due to muscle weakness or inflexibility.

We have the physiotherapeutic skills and experience to analyse the way your body moves during your activity that may be giving rise to pain, dysfunction and the injury. The sooner you address the problem the sooner you are more likely to return to your best.

When appropriate, you will have physio-supervised access to the Centre`s fully equipped cardio vascular and resistance training suite or dance studio to bring you back to full fitness.


Thinking of a half or full marathon or taking up running to Get Fit ...

Do not take running for granted. It is a dynamic ballistic activity that puts significant loading and stresses through more structures than we would care to mention ...get fit to run ... run to get fitter.

If you have never done a half or full marathon before it is worth your while to have a musculoskeletal assessment or screening which should highlight potential injury due to muscle imbalance or weakness. Simple but challenging exercises will be prescribed to strengthen or stretch the areas that need addressing. These would be performed as part of your training programme, enhancing and strengthening your running ability.

It is my experience that most people, if they are reasonably fit and healthy, can progressively build through a sensible training programme to run about 5 miles without a problem. It is when the runner extends the mileage to the 8, 9, 10 mile mark that the problems usually start, as a consequence of key muscle fatigue leading to loss of good running style or poor biomechanics which can cause a variety of overload problems and PAIN. The runner continues to run through pain instead of stopping immediately, causing an injury that may not heal in time for the event you have worked so hard for.

As soon as you feel any discomfort STOP running and seek professional advice as soon as possible.

For rehabilitation purposes, the practice has full access to the Centre`s fitness suite containing the usual array of resistance training and cardiovascular equipment.